Quick Case Study: Google Trends for “Cupping”

Well I’m not sure whether you already know about Google Trends but even if you do let me tell you briefly anyway..

What are Google Trends?

It is Google’s way of letting us all know what people are searching for right now and how that has changed over time. Let’s assume you are managing a blog calendar, how would you decide what topics to write on? What topics can get you maximum visibility in the short-run? Oh wait.. let me guess you’ll do the keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, right? Well let me tell you something..

According to a study more than 70% of searches on Google are yet to happen.

So what does it really mean? It means your keyword analysis based of Google Keyword Planner will only show searches based on historical data. It does not have the ability to predict what’s happening right now or as a matter of fact in the future (well it’s true up till now). And that’s where Google Trends come in..

Keyword research days are almost done and dusted. Topical research is what has replaced it instead. Knowing what’s happening and predicting what’s going to happen in the future is crucial for any SEO and content driven marketing campaign.

Case Study

Let’s take an example of the keyword that has been going viral lately thanks to Michael Phelps in the Olympics. It all started with when he was seen swimming with those red spots on his body. And that’s when “Cupping” just went viral all over the web.

You’ll be surprised what Google Trends graph shows for the search term “Cupping”.

It just went berserk in the month of August. If you belong to a healthcare industry, the key to success is just there lying in front of you.

Marketing overall is all about timing. Timing your content marketing strategy by keeping the trends and leveraging them can do wonders for your business.