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farhan majid

Digital Marketing Consultant at Fintech, SaaS & E-Commerce startups.

Mentor/Session Lead for Digital Marketing Nanodegree Programme at Udacity

My story so far..

I launched my career as a copywriter back in 2009, but my passion for digital marketing led me to explore various fields, including SEO, paid advertising, content marketing and eventually, I now specialize in providing comprehensive digital marketing consultation full-time.

My expertise and drive to help businesses succeed continue to drive my success to this very day, and I don’t see it fading anytime soon.

Today, I am an award-winning certified digital marketing professional with more than a decade of experience managing digital marketing strategy and tactical execution for various brands.

What I do to help

Even though I cater to a wide array of services but I generally boil all of my services down into one of these three main categories.


Digital Strategy

Sharpen the axe!

I help you develop a winning strategy that maximizes your effectiveness while minimizing the time & money required to achieve your goals.


SEO & Content Marketing

Open the floodgates!

I have helped businesses reach from 0 - 30,000 organic visitors in just 3 months using advanced SEO & content marketing strategies. How? All you have to do is 'ask'.

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Digital Advertising

Maximize your ROI!

Simply stated, I get results. I manage $100k+ monthly advertising budgets. Have built extensive automations, and turned dead sites into cash cows.

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