4 Steps to Build an Impeccable Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ll find plenty of resources on the web that talk about digital marketing strategies and may well find some ready-made templates too but how many of them have you used up till now? The amount of content that is thrown at you for any search query is quite overwhelming and in most cases a total waste of time. I remember searching hours for something I could use and replicate at the start of my career but always ended up giving up my email and got nothing of value in return. I had......

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How A-1 Steak Sauce Rebranded with the most Creative Ad Campaign

A.1. Sauce (formerly known as A.1. Steak Sauce) – a product by Kraft Foods has been a pioneer in the world of sauces since 1831. The brand which marketed itself first as ‘A.1 Steak Sauce’ made a good name in the United Kingdom and was later introduced to North America. It is now also widely available across US and Canada. Why Re-branding? A.1. Steak Sauce – as the name reflects was widely used for steaks. But why restrict people to one type of food while it can be used for various other......

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Domain Age – Google Ranking Factor

What is Domain Age? Domain age refers to the length of time the domain has been registered or active on the web. You’ll notice the definition consists of two important factors. The time from when the Domain was registered The time from when the Domain is Live or Active Domain age plays an important role in how well your website ranks on Google. So the question arises why is domain age so important. The answer to it is simple. Search engines are always striving to show the best results to the users for their queries. The......

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How to Rank "0" Zero (a.k.a Answer Box) for your Website?

Today I’m talking about rank number zero in Google. Yes you read it right! By ranking 0 I actually mean the featured snippet in Google that ranks above the number one listing. So Why Would You Want to Rank Number 0? One, it brings a ton of credibility to your website. It shows you’re an authority and also that these featured snippets have really high click-through rates. Second thing which is really cool about the featured snippets is that if you’re using the personal assistant on the your android phone, the information that Google......

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How to Optimize Google Adwords Campaigns?

Google Adwords is an advertising service from Google which lets you reach your customers by displaying your ads on Google Search as well as on the publisher websites associated with it through display ads. Google Adwords has various models the most popular of which is PPC (Pay Per Click). Google Adwords can be a double edged sword!! That’s correct if you aren’t careful you can hurt your own self by spending too much. Its a tricky business especially if you jump into it without any prior planning. Having said that you must know 90% of online......

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Creating a Killer PR Strategy for Any Business

Even though I am no Ashley Zandey (just so you know she’s leading PR for Facebook) but I do try to keep up with whatever is happening in the digital marketing world and so just thought let’s talk some PR – accronym for ‘Public Relations’. What is PR? Public Relations (PR) is the process most known for relationship building and third party credible endorsement. The definition is quite simple i.e Relationship Building and Third Party Credible Endorsement. But there’s a whole new world around it. Every PR strategy involves a program and scheme of things.......

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Quick Case Study: Google Trends for "Cupping"

Well I’m not sure whether you already know about Google Trends but even if you do let me tell you briefly anyway.. What are Google Trends? It is Google’s way of letting us all know what people are searching for right now and how that has changed over time. Let’s assume you are managing a blog calendar, how would you decide what topics to write on? What topics can get you maximum visibility in the short-run? Oh wait.. let me guess you’ll do the keyword research using Google Keyword Planner, right? Well let me......

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New Expanded Search Text Ads in Google Adwords

Google rolls out the new expanded text search ads for desktop as well as mobile devices. The change has been made after the previous Adwords Shake-up update made by Google on February 23, 2016. It was the update where some major changes were made by removing the right-column ads completely and displaying 4 ad blocks vertically above the organic search results. The new type of text ads give you more space for your ad text and are designed for optimal performance on both desktop and mobile devices. Changes in the Expanded Text......

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How to Find Copyright Free Images for a Website?

There are billions of images uploaded on the internet on daily basis and are available for viewing. However many of them come with strings attached and it is unlawful to use them without prescribed permission from the owner. The images on the web may be protected through copyright law or creative commons license. Web entrepreneurs and bloggers need copyright free images for their websites and blogs but finding exactly what they need can be tricky. With continuous changes in the Google algorithm you will often end up viewing copyrigh stock images in search.......

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