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Rich Snippets and Structured Data for Advanced SEO

Rich snippets are also commonly referred as ‘Structured Data’ which come in very handy while properly optimizing your website and now also an important part of search engine optimization. The process includes marking up important and relevant information on your website for search engines to better understand what you have to offer. Moreover rich snippets […]...
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Marketing Essentials for a Website

Marketing and Design Requirements for a Website to Gather Leads Are you getting thousands of visitors to your website and not happy with the conversion rate? Among many reasons one of the most primary reasons of visitors not converting on your website is your website itself! Here’s a comprehensive list of things every modern website must have especially B2B […]...
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How to Generate Traffic to E-commerce Website?

Driving targeted traffic is one the major concerns for an e-commerce website especially when it is relatively new. The methods to drive traffic to a website vary according to the goals and nature of your website. The goal of an e-commerce website is to get the visitor to place an order whereas the objective of […]...