How to Find Copyright Free Images for a Website?

There are billions of images uploaded on the internet on daily basis and are available for viewing. However many of them come with strings attached and it is unlawful to use them without prescribed permission from the owner. The images on the web may be protected through copyright law or creative commons license.

Web entrepreneurs and bloggers need copyright free images for their websites and blogs but finding exactly what they need can be tricky. With continuous changes in the Google algorithm you will often end up viewing copyrigh stock images in search. Hence there are times when you need alternatives to get exactly the image you need.

Download Copyright Free Images for a Website in High Resolution

Following are 10 free websites from where you can easily download high resolution images that are free from copyright.

  1. UnplashAll images here are in the public domain and are licensed under CCo which means they can be used in any way you want. If you subscribe the newsletter, you will receive 10 high resolution copyright free images via email daily.
  2. Google Life: Here you can find millions of historical images that are stored in Google library. All the images found here are free from copyright and can be used for personal and non-commercial use. To easily find these image you can just add the words “Life” to your image search in Google.
  3. Flickr – British Library: If you are looking for vintage images this is the right place for you. Over 1 million photographs and scanned images are uploaded by The British Library of UK which are now available for public use.
  4. PicJumbo: Get high quality sharp photographs and images for personal use. All these images are uploaded and shot by the owner of the website himself. He has made his photographs available to the public and can be shared or used anywhere with proper attribution.
  5. Pixabay: This is another one of my favorite website to download copyright free images in high resolution. Here you get a special feature in which you can search the images through camera model.
  6. Public Domain Archive: The collection here is limited right now but this website contains some great high resolution images that can be downloaded for personal and non-commercial use.
  7. SuperFamous: It is a Los Angeles based website that offers high quality imagery that is ideal for especially web designer and graphic artists. All images uploaded here are available for download and are under Creative Common Licence.
  8. Free Images: This is an old website which has thousands of images in their repository.
  9. Getty Images: You must have heard about this website as this one contains high resolution professional images from around the world. The images stored here can be embedded which may contain some ads.
  10. Morgue File: This is a free pickup site for images since the images hosted here are completely copyright free and doesn’t even require you to add attribution. It has more than 300,000 high quality photos and images available for download.